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Chimney Services

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Chimney Services - Sweeping & Cleaning

Chimney Sweeping

Have your chimney serviced annually to ensure that it is clean, properly maintained and in good repair.

Your chimney can have a build-up of flammable materials or can become blocked from debris or animal and bird nests. This is especially a concern with wood burning stoves and fireplaces. Cleaning and inspecting your chimney regularly is essential to the prevention of chimney fires!

Chimney Services - Chimney Repair

Chimney Repair

Is your masonry chimney showing its age? Does it need to be tuck-pointed or rebuilt from the roof line up? Would a factory-built stainless steel chimney installation better fit your needs?

We have the skills and experience needed to provide you with a safe, efficient venting system tailored to your heating needs.

Chimney Services - Chimney Lining

Chimney Lining

The liner in your chimney directs the by-products of combustion outside and protects your chimney from heat and corrosion. Some chimneys are unlined or have been damaged due to chimney fires or gradual deterioration, posing a fire danger.

We install U.L. listed stainless steel chimney linings backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Chimney Services - Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps

Animals, leaves, rain and snow can all enter your home through your chimney. This can result in blockage of the flue or deterioration of the chimney. A quality chimney cap can not only prevent this but can add a decorative finishing touch.

Wood Stove Installation

Wood Stoves

We can help with the selection, delivery and installation of your new wood stove.

We also sell and install Regency and Hampton fireplace products direct from the manufacturer.

Fire Safety

Means peace of Mind

Fire safety is a real concern as the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) says that nearly 23,000 homes catch fire annually due to an issue with the fireplace or chimney.

One of the most common problems is a buildup of creosote, which occurs over time. This can lead to chimney fires or, in the case of severe blockage, carbon monoxide entering your home.

To keep your home safe, the CSIA recommends annual chimney inspection and sweeping. Don’t put off your peace of mind!


in business since 1980

Fiddler on the Flue was started by Chuck Odermann in 1980, providing a full range of affordable chimney services in Penobscot and Hancock Counties, including Lincoln, Bangor and Ellsworth, Maine.

We are family owned and operated. Chuck’s son-in-law William and daughter Leah, now run the company, each having over 20 years of field experience with Chuck providing valuable technical support. Over the years, we have worked hard to develop and maintain a reputation of honesty, quality, and professionalism with our customers.

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