Some of our work:


Chimney with Repaired Crown and Stainless Steel Cap

This simple but important repair using Crown Saver (fiber reinforced water repellent crown repair coating) and a stainless steel rain cap with animal guard, will prevent further damage to this chimney and prolong the lifespan of the masonry.


Chimney Needing Crown Repair

This chimney needs a crown to prevent freeze-thaw damage from water accumulating in the exposed cores and gaps.

Chimney Repaired

Repaired Chimney

The chimney has been rebuilt from the roof up and a stainless steel liner installed.

Chimney Damanged

Damaged Chimney

Badly deteriorated chimney ready to be topped off and relined.

Chimney Repair Services

Chimney Repair

Chimney structure being repaired.

Chimney Tiling Cracked

Cracked Tile Lining

This clay tile liner is cracked from a chimney fire and needs to be replaced with an insulated stainless steel liner.

Chimney Lining Installation

Chimney Lining Install

One piece stainless steel chimney liner being installed.

Chimney Lining Preparation

Cracked Lining

Insulating the stainless steel liner with ceramic fiber insulation for a wood stove installation.